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Our Mission

African Challenges Corporation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to serve as a cross-cultural pathway connecting African Immigrants & Refugees to available resources that addresses their basic and vital needs.

Our Goals

African Challenges Corporation focuses on four areas of needs:
  • Employment: job skills training, job opportunities, and more
  • Education: academic evaluation, school programs, scholarships, evaluation, and more
  • Health: screening, insurance, networking, and more
  • Social Services: immigration issues, translation, transportation, food shelf, and more

Our Director

Alain Foiding is the Executive Director of African Challenges Corporation. An immigrant himself, Alain knows firsthand the many challenges that immigrants and refugees face as they adjust to their new lives in Minnesota or the United States. In fact, Alain’s intimate knowledge of these cultural challenges led him to create in concert with other African leaders living in the United States of America, African Challenges Corporation – so that other immigrants would not have to endure the many cultural challenges that past immigrants have faced.

Originally from Cameroon in West Africa, Alain immigrated to the United States in 2004-05. Since then, Alain has been actively involved with both nonprofit organizations and for-profit organizations.

In 2007, Alain received his Masters in Business Administration from Metropolitan State University with a concentration in Finance. He is currently engaged in helping Africans Immigrants & Refugees to overcome cultural barriers and multiple challenges.

  photo of Alain Foiding  
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